YouTube Streaming Video Services on the Cards

Rumours has it that, as part of YouTube’s expansion, Alphabet is considering a YouTube streaming video services.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), there are talks at Google on the possibility of rolling out a YouTube streaming video services. This is due to the renewed talks — mostly rumoured — that Alphabet kicked off with entertainment companies, including studios and production houses.

WSJ noted that its sources are folks close to these discussions.

This mostly rumoured YouTube streaming video services — called the ‘Channel Store’ — has been in the works for at least 18 months and will likely show up in the fall, most probably just before Q4 2022.

Efforts to get any response from Alphabet from both WSJ and Reuters have been refused.

Other pertaining confirmed points for this rumour include how the launch of this YouTube streaming video services will not be limited to the US only; it will be a one-stop platform for all content types — be it streaming or user-generated; and the user experience will be end-to-end.

YouTube streaming video service
Credit: Google/Alphabet

For the latter, this would be users watching a trailer that will then let them decide if they want to watch the entire movie or TV series. All this can be done while not leaving the YouTube ecosystem. This ensures the ‘Channel Store’ will provide a seamless viewing experience and interaction flows for users.

With many streaming platforms using YouTube and Facebook as channels to showcase their teasers and trailers, these YouTube streaming video services could negatively impact their bottomline. Also, where would this place Google TV that Alphabet launched in September last year and officially rolled out worldwide to replace Google Play Movies this year.

Credit: Google/Alphabet

Time will tell if this ‘Channel Store’ from YouTube will adversely impact its partners now and soon to become rivals in Q4 2022.

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