Steam Mobile App Beta is Now Live

This makeover, which just kicked off its beta test, is expected to bring more added-value.

Since its launch in 2012, the Steam Mobile App promised a tonne of functions and interactivity for its users but didn’t really do much beyond being a two-factor authentication (2FA) service — that will change, hopefully, with an all-new revamp that Valve is beta-testing right now.

The move, which dropped without much fanfare, will introduce an easier and seamless user interface. This includes a QR code for user sign-in, optimised games library management for mobile; and support for multiple accounts. Right now, it is being tested on both Apple iOS and Google Android platforms.

Steam Mobile App
Credit: Steam/Valve

Even with this sudden announcement, Valve did not share further details about this beta test. As such, beta-testers will try the new functions for this app and also deal with a tonne of bugs. Of course, they must share their findings and provide user feedback as well.

Valve believes how this helps it test assumptions; learn what users like and don’t like; and find things that require fixing. At press-time, it is still seeking out more beta-testers.

Who should join the beta? You should join the beta if you already use the Steam Mobile App and you’re willing to provide your feedback on the update. Join this Steam group for instructions on how to install the update and how to tell us what you think. Per Apple guidelines: iOS participants will be limited to 10,000 and will need to install TestFlight.


While there is no actual limit for the beta test, Valve did note that slots will fill up. Even if closed, gamers can still join the Steam Community thread for this campaign and contribute there. Valve will also announced in that thread when new the Steam Mobile App beta has new slots.

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