Samsung The Wall All-in-One Launches for Southeast Asia

Rocking oversized dimensions that measure at 146in, Samsung’s The Wall All-in-One redefines next-gen Micro LED panel innovations.

Many now expect to see a super-large display from Samsung — for this year, it’s none other than The Wall All-in-One. This hulking panel — all 146in of it — makes its official debut at the first-ever Samsung Display Tech Summit.

Hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, this event — a Samsung SEA Forum off-shoot — is one of the larger in-person 2022 regional events. The star of the show is, of course, the next-gen 146in Samsung The Wall All-in-One display. This is an all-new entry for the Samsung IAB Series.

Samsung The Wall All-in-One
Credit: Samsung

While the 146in entry comes in two visual performance flavours — 2K and 4K, the smaller 110in variant only has a 2K option. Additionally, all three now come with a pre-adjusted seam and pre-assembled frame kit for easier installation. Samsung claims both ensure that two people need only two hours to properly hook-up the 146in 4K HDR10/10+ powered panel.

As always, this next-gen take on The Wall All-in-One comes with a S-box media player.

“Micro LED represents the future of display innovation. Samsung is leading the way in Micro LED adoption in Southeast Asia and Oceania with our flagship The Wall series. In expanding The Wall line-up with the launch of the All-in-One model, we now offer even more immersive experiences. (In fact, there is even) innovation in the installation (as it) significantly simplifies the process. It’s akin to installing consumer TVs,” said Leslie Goh, Head of Regional Display Solutions, Southeast Asia & Oceania, Samsung Electronics.

Samsung The Wall All-in-One
Credit: Samsung

In addition to the next-gen IAB panel, Samsung also launched next-gen entries for its THe Wall IWB Series. These displays come with 0.63 and 0.94 pixel pitches, 120Hz frame-rates, and HDR10/10+ with LED HDR. Size-wise, this entry start from 110in with 4K and can go up to 220in with 8K.

Every new entry for The Wall All-in-One and The Wall also packs in the following:

  • Black Seal technology — Enables maximum black levels
  • Ultra Chroma — Produces narrower RGB wavelengths to boost colour accuracy
  • 20bit processing — Drives extraordinary contrast ratio and smooth gradients
  • Micro AI Processor — Power imaging enhancements
  • Multi View — Offers simultaneous playback of content from up to four sources on one screen
Samsung The Wall All-in-One
Credit: Samsung

Beyond launching next-gen The Wall All-in-One entries, Samsung also put together an extensive showcase for new and next-gen display solutions. This includes various monitors, TVs, and panels that are designed specifically for the workspace and classroom. They include:

  • Samsung Flip Pro Series 2022 — 55in, 65in, and 75in professional panels
  • Samsung ViewFinity S8 — 27in and 3in high-res monitors for content creators
  • Samsung Odyssey Ark — 55in 1000R 4K 165Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

At press time, there are no pricing or retail launch details for the all-new Samsung The Wall All-in-One. Even so, those keen to find out more can go here or check out the Samsung mainpage.

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