Samsung Debunks Exynos Discontinuation Rumours

Talks of any Exynos discontinuation plans have been dismissed.

Since Samsung launched its Galaxy S22 Series flagship, rumours of Exynos discontinuation have been circulating. This had been reinforced further when next-gen mid-range entries and flagships also appeared with Qualcomm chipsets. Samsung put that all to rest at its Q2 2022 earnings call.

The category dismissal, as reported in Business Korea, also included a crucial confirmation that Samsung Electronics is already reorganising its System-on-Chip (SoC) business model. “(The goal is to) establish a strategy to sharpen our competitiveness in the mid- to long-term,” said Pi Jae-Gul, Vice President, System LSI Business Division, Samsung Electronics, during the earnings call.

Exynos discontinuation
Credit: Samsung

While the reveal is very high-level as no insights on the reorganisation have been shared, it is clear that Samsung wants to debunk the Exynos discontinuation rumours quickly to ensure it can be ready for upcoming efforts from direct competitors who are already launching next-gen mobile processors.

“We are concentrating on boosting the competitiveness of next-gen mobile Exynos. (This includes) strengthening cooperation with leading companies to start development early and secure (next-gen) core competitiveness,” Pi added.

Ongoing efforts for Samsung include expanding the application of its mobile APIs to wearable devices, notebook modems, and Wi-Fi hardware; growing ecosystem partnerships; and developing new discovery of cooperation engagements.

Credit: Samsung

The move does make sense as the current Exynos 2200 does rock the industry-leading AMD RDNA 2 architecture. All that work to put ray tracing onto a flagship SoC, no matter how ill-fated it turned out to be, does translate to loads of time, effort, and money being spent. As such, it makes sense that Samsung doubled-down on dismissing all Exynos discontinuation rumours.

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