NVIDIA Reveals New Details for Next GTC 2022

The next GTC 2022 event will also drop a huge GeForce reveal on September 20 2022.

While the Spring Event for NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) wrapped up recently, many already have plans for the next GTC 2022 event. This comes right after major tech conferences like COMPUTEX and SIGGRAPH.

The next GTC 2022 will run from September 19 to 22 2022 and will focus on artificial intelligence (AI). This will also include robotics and next-gen computing.

next GTC 2022
Credit: NVIDIA

Even as various high-performance tech industries look forward to this, NVIDIA also put out a teaser for its graphics line-up. Titled — GeForce Beyond: A Special Broadcast at GTC — it will likely unveil all-new NVIDIA GPUs. In debuting ‘Ada Lovelace’ at the next GTC 2022 event, pundits also expect to see next-gen NVIDIA graphics architecture.

If predictions are true, it will be a major step up for the graphics card maker. After all, many hope to see the all-new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 Series in action. Some even expect to see a brand-new “Monster GPU!”

Beyond GPUs, the next GTC 2022 event is set to wow all its attendees with all new innovations. From developers, to robotics innovators, and deep-data researchers — all of them will learn from various industry experts and digital leaders.

Those keen on attending the event but can’t make their way to the US can join virtually for free. As for fans and the general tech community that want to catch up on all things NVIDIA, head over to the on-demand portal.

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