Next-gen Casio Timepieces Out Now in Malaysia and Singapore

Watch fans can look forward to next-gen Casio timepieces that update classic and crowd favourites.

While the digital era saw a never-ending laundry list of smartwatches and wearables, the newly launched next-gen Casio timepieces break away from current winning-formula trends.

Casio instead opted to go down the ‘hybrid’ route as it paired smart functions with its renowned precision movement and high-quality build. The end results — next-gen Casio timepieces that sport a nice balance of classic design and digital innovations.

Credit: G-SHOCK/Casio

Officially, all of these new additions for the Edifice, G-SHOCK, and Baby-G lines are now available in Singapore withs ome selected timepieces making their way to Malaysia as well.

For G-shock, the latest entries include the full-metal ‘CasiOak’ G-shock GM B2100, which come in three colourways — Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold; an updated GM-S variant that now comes in matte bronze; and updated GA-B001 and GA-B001G sports watches. There also wew entries for the most basic yet trendy GMA and GA ranges.

The most remarkable of these new entries is the ‘CasiOak’ line as octagonal chassis and wristband now come in stainless steel and even packs in the all-new ToughSolar charging system.

Baby-G, meanwhile, welcomed new members to its line-up — a Baby-G x Sailor Moon entry and new pastel and sporty colourways for the original Baby-G.

Credit: Baby-G/Casio

As for Casio’s higher-end Edifice collection, there are a few next-gen Casio timepieces expanding this range — all of them go under the all-new Casio Edifice Sospensione ECB-2000 Series.

Credit: Casio

Besides the streamlined look the edgier yet functional case design deviated slightly from the original as it now sports a carbon-fibre reinforced resin case; uses the same carbon fibre to reinforce the four-arm lugs configuration for the face; and the very latest in digital and smart capabilities.

For fans of Casio Edifice and Honda, there is the Honda Racing Red Edition to ogle at and consider.

Credit: Casio

Notably, only the next-gen Casio timepieces for Baby-G and Edifice lines are coming to Singapore.

The pricing and launch timeframes are as per below:

  • Casio Edifice and G-SHOCK new products for Malaysia (selected items)
  • Casio Edific and G-SHOCK new products for Singapore (entire range)

More details about these next-gen Casio timepieces can be on the US web-portal.

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