New Netflix Jobs Listing Hints at Possible Cloud Gaming

Recent postings of new Netflix jobs unknowingly reveal highly rumoured Cloud Gaming plans.

While games on Netflix are not new, especially since it hawked to its fans the Stranger Things tie-in game a while back, recent new listings of Netflix jobs hint at a bigger plan for this nascent platform.

Aside from the fact that the Stranger Things game performed very well and gained traction as an easy time-spender, its audience had been highly receptive to the still-expanding library of games. This finding came to light from an article from Protocol that highlighted exclusive data from Sensor Tower. Not long after that, Protocol discovered the listing for these new roles at Netflix.

Netflix jobs
Credit: Netflix

It is from this list of intriguing positions that inspired the bold prediction that Netflix might eventually make a play for a slice of the Cloud Gaming pie. Among the roles noted, there is an opening for a Rendering Engineer with the following statement:

“In this role, you will help optimize the rendering of games so we can render multiple games on our cloud gaming appliances. You will also assist with the development of SDKs to enable game developers to succeed in writing high-quality games for the Netflix cloud games ecosystem.”

— Netflix jobs posting.

Notably, other roles that are related to Cloud Gaming are also included in this Netflix jobs listing, such as Security Product Manager and developers and software engineers who have experience working with Open Connect.

“We are working on new ways of delivering entertainment that requires real-time, ultra low-latency network transport technologies,” noted the Netflix jobs listing.

This, of course, confirms that Netflix has some plans for Cloud Gaming in its pipeline and will make a splash once it is ready to do so. Having infrastructure that optimises video content streaming for mobile devices and TVs of all sizes, there is no doubt Netflix has the necessary know-how and hardware to really push deep into the videogames sector.

Credit: Netflix Games/Netflix

Having run trials with its currently growing library of mobile games, it is only a matter of time before Netflix confirms this rumour. With the new Netflix jobs for game development and publishing now in the open, it’s clear that one of the pioneers in digital video streaming will be making its move soon.

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