Netflix and Ubisoft Announces Exclusive Collaboration

All-new games from this surprising Netflix and Ubisoft partnership include Assassin’s Creed and Valiant Hearts.

Almost a year after the launch of Netflix Games, a new collaboration between Netflix and Ubisoft drops unannounced. This move will reinforce the streaming platform’s presence in the videogames space.

The partnership between Netflix and Ubisoft will oversee the development of three new mobile games that will appear in 2023. All three, which are a part of the recent Ubisoft Forward event, will be exclusively available on Netflix.

“We’re thrilled to work with Ubisoft, whose track record creating memorable worlds for fans is unmatched. This partnership will (offer) exclusive access to some of the most exciting game franchises,” said Mike Verdu, Vice President, Games, Netflix.

Each game is an all-new entry into their respective global-spanning franchises, namely Valiant Hearts, Assassin’s Creed, and Mighty Quest. Of the trio, the latter — the most recent addition to Ubisoft’s list — pairs up role-playing with roguelike gameplay mechanics. For the Netflix and Ubisoft joint-development, this popular mobile game will receive a fresh and highly replayable format. Undoubtedly, this idea will be taking many inspirations from the original.

As for the other two, obviously, they need no introductions. In fact, with Valiant Heart, Ubisoft will be tapping the original core team to develop a new storyline and gameplay. Assassin’s Creed, meanwhile, there will also be an all-new mobile game that will further expand the lore.

Netflix and Ubisoft
Credit: Netflix

In addition, the all-new entry for Netflix can possibly be a tie-in with the upcoming Assassin’s Creed live-action series. This is, after all, a Netflix production.

“As we create great experiences on all platforms, we’re glad to partner with such an innovative and creative (collaborator). This will be a great opportunity for Netflix users to further explore our universes on mobile,” added Jean-Michel Detoc, Chief Mobile Officer, Ubisoft.

At press time, there are no new details in regards to all three videogames besides being the main focuses for this new collaboration. More details will show up in the coming months.

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