Intel and Broadcom Reach New Wi-Fi 7 Milestone

Part-time rivals and on-off collaborators Intel and Broadcom are the first to put together a Wi-Fi 7 demo.

The race to develop next-gen wireless services, AKA Wi-Fi 7, hit major milestone thanks to Intel and Broadcom. Of course, what they are working on is none other than Wi-Fi 7 connectivity. This comes in a form of a cross-vendor over-the-air demonstration that manages to break the 5Gbps cap.

“We are proud to highlight how next-generation Wi-Fi 7 can make new mobile PC experiences possible. (Clearly,) industry collaboration is essential to ensure we deliver on this (new) promises,” said Carlos Cordeiro, Intel Fellow and Wireless CTO, Client Computing Group Intel.

As per the video below, the trial saw an Intel Core notebook connecting to a Broadcom access point over Wi-Fi 7.

Credit: Intel

Notably, both chipmakers claim that their demo broke the 5Gpbs threshold and, thusly, has brought Wi-Fi 7 closer to reality. Despite the point they are trying to make, the accompanying video only had stills of the so-called “great milestone” achievement.

“Today‚Äôs milestone sends a clear message — the (Wi-Fi 7) ecosystem is ready. The reliable and low latency communication (it offers) is a key element of Broadcom’s vision for connecting everything. (After all,) the Internet is now evolving into its next iteration replete with immersive experiences. We are delighted to work with Intel to achieve another industry first,” added Vijay Nagarajan, VP, Wireless Connectivity Division, Broadcom.

Wi-Fi 7
Cordeiro (left) and Vijay (right) sharing their findings. Credit: Intel

Even with this major milestone for Intel and Broadcom being significant, it is still a stepping stone for Wi-Fi 7. As is, expectations are high that it will become highly proliferated for still expanding Digital Decade.

Here’s a quick recap on what Wi-Fi 7 offers:

  • Comes with new features, including wider 320MHz channels
  • Running tests within unlicensed 6GHz spectrum and higher order 4K QAM data modulations
  • Manages simultaneous connections across multiple bands with multi-link operation
  • Offers improved channel utilisation efficiency with multi-resource unit puncturing 

For both Intel and Broadcom, this collaboration is proof that Wi-Fi 7 is viable.

More details about this collaboration can be found here.

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