Google Play Turns 10 and Adds New Look

A refreshed logo and improved user engagement are part of the “Google Play Turns 10” festivities.

Just a few months ago, the apps ecosystem for Google Android reached a huge milestone as — officially — Google Play turns 10. While there is no major fanfare, Mountain View is celebrating this in its own way.

To celebrate this achievement, the Google Play logo had been updated. This is to reflect the brand design changes of the core apps, such as Search, Assistant, Photos, and Gmail. In fact, the new logo integrates the overall design language of these apps to create a seamless look and feel for the brand.

Notably, while Google Play turns 10, it only reflects the official name change from Android Marketplace to Google Play. Android Marketplace launched almost five years before the name change. Since launch until today, the Android team worked hard to rollout huge updates that improved the mobile operating system and transformed the overall user experience.

Google Play turns 10
Credit: Google

Among the expansive list of improvements are critical features that enhanced the overall user experience on Android. This includes the:

  • Google Play Pass and Play Instant modes that enable users to try apps or games before they are downloaded and installed
  • Google Play for PC: Opening access for Google Play games to an entirely new platform
  • Improved data security and user safety: Improving cybersecurity capabilities for all apps on Android and deploying kids-safe features that enforce child safety in cyberspace
  • Key campaigns that boost game development in indie and mobile ecosystems, such as:
  • Introduced new Google Play loyalty features, such as Play Points, for selected countries

While Google Play turns 10 might be a significant milestone, let’s not forget that its initial form at launch — Android Market — had also achieved a number of milestones as well. This included toying with a digital bookstore (Google eBookstore) platform and launching Google Music after that. Those initiatives and other efforts laid the foundation for Google Play to launch in 2012.

Credit: YouTube/Alphabet

Here’s to even more decades of achievements for Google Play!

(Source: Google Blog)

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