Google Meet Now Replacing Google Duo in Stages

Some Android users would have noticed that Google Meet had already replaced Duo.

As per its announcement on June 1 2022, where Google will be integrating its Google Duo and Google Meet into a single platform, the move is now rolling out in stages as the Google Duo app is being replaced with the all-new Meet. This integrated app is not to be confused with the phased-out Google Meet teleconferencing service.

It’s been reported on various news-portals that the user interface for Google Duo had been altered to include new features from the next-gen Meet app and even now sports the colourful palette and latest Flat Design that Google already introduced to some of its core apps.

Google Meet
Credit: Google

As for those who are actively using the old Google Meet for all teleconferencing matters, just carry on as the integration with Google Duo will not impact the wider ecosystem of features. In fact, they will quickly realise it is will be easier to arrange a video meeting from their Google-powered mobile devices.

What would users need to do? Nothing apparently as Google noted in the same blog-post from June 1 that there is no new app to download as the latest update will silently deploy the integration.

As Google TV now pulls all streaming services — where available — into a single platform, it makes sense that all-new Meet will eventually be included as well. After all, the centralised Nest Hub is already a part of the ecosystem.

Credit: Google

Do expect to see more details on what other new Meet functions will be rolled out onto the rebadged Google Duo in the coming months.

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