Amazon Offers Free Deliveries to Malaysia

Rejoice Malaysians! As of this week, Amazon offers free deliveries from Singapore to all of Malaysia!

Long-time Malaysian users of Amazon, especially those who bookmarked the Singaporean branch web-portal, would have discovered that — all of a sudden — Amazon now offers free deliveries to Malaysia.

Amazon Singapore suddenly dropped the announcement this week.

Amazon offers free deliveries
Credit: Amazon

This option went live this week and, at press time, Malaysians can order from Amazon Singapore and choose free shipping for anywhere in Malaysia. Of course, there are caveats, including:

  • A cart that has at least US$40 (~S$55 or ~RM150) in value for products from the US only OR S$40 (~RM130) in value for products from Singapore only
  • All retail purchases must originate from Singapore
  • Goods purchased cannot be overly bulky
  • Multiple address must, EACH, qualify for the US$40 minimum purchase order
  • Critical note: Changing address or cancelling items in the order will impact the free delivery option

Malaysian Amazon customers have been able to access Amazon Singapore since it first launched in 2017 and, to ensure seamless transactions, they could purchase items in Ringgit Malaysia. This option went live in 2018.

Credit: Amazon

While this sudden Amazon offers free deliveries to Malaysia option is excellent news for Malaysians, there is the next question that hangs over this great step forward — is this a limited-time offer? Or will it be a permanent offer moving forward?

Until Amazon Singapore crosses that bridge, for the time being, this ongoing Amazon offers free deliveries to Malaysia option is something all Malaysians can now enjoy.

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