Who, What, and Why

In-Forge is a content platform that believes the hottest and latest from the tech industry must be re-forged into simple yet insightful articles; they also should be ready for sharing by all. Be it facts, opinions, and even rumours, the team will always keep an eye out for anything to do with technology and innovation.

In short:
The Name: In-Forge = Information Forge
The Concept: Making complex tech stuff easy to understand
The Goal: Sharing tech stories the right way — simple yet informative
The Focus: Innovation in the tech, geek, and their related business spaces


To the good folks in and around the ICT industry and their respective PR teams, please send all press releases, notices, announcements to editor [at] in-forge.com.

Byliners are most welcomed, so please send those and/or infographics over.

For general inquiries or to send in greetings and brick-bats, that all goes here: hello [at] in-forge.com.

Mr. Forge | Word-Smith

A long-time Malaysian tech reporter who covered the tech scene in and around Malaysia and Southeast Asia — mostly Singapore, and major happenings all over the Asia Pacific, he is passionate about all things tech and geeky. He is also equally as driven to tell friends and acquaintances of the stuff he had seen and heard within the ICT industry. From the newest smartphone to the powerful workstation, the latest videogames, and even meaningful insights from the business side of the tech/digital spaces, it will all be shared.

Oddly, he has a tendency to go on long tangents too, so please let him know if the articles are too wordy or don’t make any sense.

Team Forge | Content Makers

A mix bag of veteran writers and content producers who have been covering the tech and pop culture scenes, they are the go-to-guys on the latest and hottest news on technology, innovation, and games.

Constant Work-in-Progress

This platform is FINALLY picking up, so do bear with the team as it puts all the pieces in place. More to come as this is still a work-in-progress.